New Omron E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors

New Omron E2E NEXT Proximity Sensors

The Omron E2E NEXT proximity sensors are the latest generation sensors designed to improve predictive maintenance and plant management.

These three-wire sensors allow through the IOT functionality to improve the plant management with regard to interruptions, reduced by a third, and downtime.
Furthermore, with Omron’s distance 2 thermal control and PROX3 hybrid circuit technologies, they are characterized by one of the longest detection distance in the world. In fact, the distance between the sensors and the objects is constantly monitored through an Io-link communication that sends a notification in case of insufficient distance. All this facilitates maintenance without constantly needing a technician in charge.

Summarizing the main features of the Omron sensors:
• The longest detection distances in the world
They allow a more spacious design with less risk of contact.
• Technologies for stable long distance detection
Distance 2 thermal control and PROX3 hybrid circuits. It gives stable long-distance detection capabilities, by measuring the characteristics of each sensor with extreme precision in various temperature conditions, and calculating the correction values using Omron’s polynomial algorithm, which are then written to the sensor’s PROX3 hybrid circuits.
• Equipped with IO-Link6 as a standard function
It allows the user to know in real time, from a single location, the status of several sensors, which in turn allows an early identification of the site and e substance of the faults.
• Wide range of models
Omron offers a range of 2,512 models, available in various physical dimensions and with different detection distances, to meet different needs.

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