The Phoenix Contact industrial marking and labeling system makes it possible to label terminals, cables, conductors, devices and systems. Result? High quality, high marking speed and resistance to rubbing and scratches.

Printing with portable thermal transfer devices and UV-LED technology represents a compact, practical and high-performance solution for your business. Let’s see in detail printers types.


The Phoenix Contact printer called “Thermomark Prime” is a thermal transfer printer that uses a technology able to reduce maintenance operations with a print resolution of 300 dpi. The fast printing of labels and tags signed in UCT, US and UM format can reach less than 8 seconds! Designed especially for mobile use, the Thermomark Prime is autonomous thanks to the high performance rechargeable and replaceable batteries.

Printing UL LED system – BLUEMARK CLED

Used for printing standardized plastic cards in UniCard format for terminals, conductors and equipment, the Bluemark CLED printer works with a UV-LED technology. The fundamental printing principle is the rapid drying process thanks to the use of a UV light source of the liquid used for labeling (24 LEDs used). The high intensity of the light makes it possible to shorten the drying time and increase resistance to rubbing, scratches and chemical substances. The Bluemark CLED can print about 14,000 cards / h (UC-TMF 4 with 2 characters / card).

Printing UL LED system – BLUEMARK ID

This printer, available in monochrome or multicolor versions, manages materials in Unicard and UniSheet format in plastic and aluminum for marking terminals, conductors, cables, devices and plants. The Bluemark ID also works with the LED UV technology for printing plastic tags in UC, UCT, US, and UM format, as well as metal plates. This printing solution has a scalable resolution between the standard (1200 dpi) and the HD printing (2400 dpi).

Each printer previously described is equipped with integrated design and marking software: CLIP PROJECT.

  • Planning Module: planning software to design terminal blocks without errors
  • Marking Module: custom marking software for terminals, cables, conductors, equipment and plants.

CLIP PROJECT is integrated into EPLAN P8. In this way it is possible to automatically import data from wiring diagram (marking terminals, wires and devices data). Through the bidirectional interface the data of the product are reproduced in the EPLAN bill of materials.


Thermomark Prime cod. 5148888

Bluemark CLED cod. 5147999

Bluemark ID Monochrome cod. 1003334

Bluemark ID Color cod. 1002329