What does safety in modular automation mean? Is it possible to increase the efficiency of plants by ensuring functional safety?

Let’s start with a basic concept. What is functional safety? It is the system or equipment’s safety and it depends on the correct functioning of them in response to the inputs, including the management of possible errors by the operators, hardware failures, software malfunctions. Phoenix Contact functional safety solutions aim to guarantee optimal and reliable protection for people and / or systems/plants.

What is our current challenge? In a market where the demands for efficiency and production flexibility are constantly growing, it is important to introduce modular functional safety systems! The PSRmodular configurable protection system has been designed for applications up to PL or SIL3 safety levels!

SIL3= This is the highest level of safety integrity and therefore requires a higher level of risk reduction. There are numerous procedures for identifying (analyzing hazards) and quantifying these risks

PL= performance level. It is a value used to define the ability of safety-related parts of control systems to perform a safety function under foreseeable conditions.

The wide range of Phoenix Contact functional safety products consists of several modules with a width of 22.5 mm. What are the functions of these modules?

  • monitoring of emergency stop signs
  • guard locking
  • monitoring of light grids and footboards
  • safe movement monitoring

The system can be configured easily with the PSRmodular software. It uses a maximum of 160 safe I/O to implement machine and process applications.

These modules, with the master safety relay and the bus connector for DIN rails, represent a flexible solution for the customized integration of functional safety for your systems and machinery.

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