Eaton is an international diversified company that provides energy saving solutions in order to help customers manage electricity, hydraulics and mechanics efficiently. Eaton’s bid has a strong experience in several fields: power distribution and circuit protection, protection for the emergency generators, control and automation, lighting and safety systems, structural solutions and cabling devices, solutions for hazardous environments and engineering services.


Switches; components for energy distribution; motor contactors and starters; operator interface hardware; design and diagnostic systems and assistance services; measurement systems; energy management software; devices for protection against power surges; uninterruptible power supplies.

Reliability and efficiency Areas of application: Filtration and clutch groups and industrial braking systems.

Advanced hydraulic systems, fuel systems, motion control systems, propulsion subsystems, cab interface applications and circuit protection

Transmissions and clutch groups; hybrid motor groups; transmissions, suspensions, security systems; anti-lock braking and traction control systems; vehicle diagnostics; air, transmission and fuel management controls; connectors for automobile fluids, engine air management systems.

Focus On


The VSQ series of vane pumps (Vane-Speed-Quiet) has been designed to provide high performance even at minimum speeds of 0-50 rpm, to reduce energy consumption (up to 70%) and improve efficiency in various high dynamic industrial applications, such as injection molding, metal forging, die casting and bending press. Combining the features of high speed and high working pressure (up to 290 bar), these pumps are an efficient option for internal gear pumps and piston pumps for industrial applications.


Dynamax EC881 is a new hose made with reinforced by double metal braid with the aim of ensuring durability and resistance in the most demanding applications. The product offers an operating pressure 35% higher than standard hoses, thanks to a new generation of underlays and reinforcements with hybrid canvases. The hose can be used as an alternative to four-spirals, allowing manufacturers to achieve direct savings on costs. The radius of curvature is 60mm. This hose is the ideal choice for installation in confined spaces. It offers greater flexibility and reduces construction costs.


Eaton's hybrid technology ensures a long electrical life to the cylinders. The latter are characterized by a large number of electric switching cycles. They are reliable and maintenance-free for any machine or system and are flexible in control mode (traditional or via PLC). The absence of maintenance costs leads to lower operating costs and, thanks to shorter maneuver times, the wear of contacts during switching is drastically reduced.