Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact it is a real strong partner regarding products and solutions in the field of electronics, electrical engineering and automation.

The core business, composed by terminal blocks production, proves its added value in different applications. Phoenix Contact mainly provides a whole set of components and systems for electrical panels, from terminals to controller, and it offers industrial connectors, innovative I/O cabling systems, connecting devices for printed circuit boards and electronics cases.


Power supplies and UPS

System cabling for controllers / Cabling - Sensor / Actuator cabling

Cables and lines


Electronics housing and Protective devices

HMIs and industrial PCs

Lighting, signaling and electronic switchgear and motor control

Industrial cloud computing

Installation, mounting and monitoring material

Relay modules

Terminal blocks

Surge protection and interference filters

Marking and labelling

I/O systems

Industrial communication, measurement and control technology

Charging technology for electromobility and tools

Focus On


Ready to be installed and expanded according to customer needs, the PTFIX distribution blocks guarantee a flexible and advantageous load and control current distribution. For a flexible use, the installation is direct or clamp, thanks to DIN rail. The insertion forces, reduced by 50%, allow the easy and direct insertion of rigid and flexible conductors with a 0.25 mm² mounted cable lug. Moreover, different adapters for mounting at flanges can be applied to the blocks, according to the application type.


Limitless automation platform: this is Phoenix definition of its PLC of new generation characterized by flexibility, interconnection and open control platform. PLCnext Technology allows several developers to work independently in different programming languages. The innovative platform guarantees the sharing of data and codes, even for high-level languages, based on different models. The system can be easily and quickly integrated with Open Source Software, App and innovative technologies that will allow the future development of other processes. The functions of the traditional PLC are then integrated with smart devices through a specific controller called PLCnext Control, which creates a smart network through a Cloud connection.


As a leader in the production of connectors and electronics housings, the company is constantly developing new innovative technologies for the transmission of signals, data and power. The PCB connectors of the LPC 6 series can be used to connect conductors with cross-sections up to 10 mm² without tools. The clear position of the control lever allows you to connect and disconnect quickly the conductors, with or without mounted cable lugs. Moreover, thanks to the combination of signals and power in a single connector it is possible to save space and time.