Sada Cavi

Sada Cavi is the response to the needs of those who, in the electricity sector, require supplies of cables, ropes and copper bars. Thanks to its own warehouse, transport services and historical cooperation with the most important national and international suppliers, the company has become a leader in the supply of various automation cables and energy. It guarantees a precise and qualified service able to satisfy different customer segments both in Italy and abroad.


Oil resistant laying fixed cables 
Mobile laying cables 
Cables for inverter – emc - servomotor 
Bus and Ethernet cables 
Signal mobile laying cables – control – encoder – resolver and measuring system

Strengths: efficiency, speed and assistance.


Industrial Automation 
Main applications: 
- Fully automated processing plant 
- Spaces optimisation system “Track+Race” (modular system for coils control and storage based on RFID technology)

Focus On


The LiYY oil resistant laying fixed cables are multipolar cables for the signals transmission and they have some significant features, such as: gray PVC sheath, 300 voltage, CEI 20-22 II. On the other hand the Liycy cables provide a tinned copper braided shielded and can also be managed in the TP version (in pairs).


Multipolar mobile laying cables for energy chain SUPERFLEX UR/CSA STYLE 2587 series are oil resistant, they are equipped of a gray PVC sheath and they have 600 voltage according to UL/CSA standards.


The U/UTP cables, used in data transmission, are fixed, unshielded and their LSZH sheath is green. On the other hand, the F/UTP category deals with shielded cables with aluminum / polyester tape and tinned copper braid.