SMC Italia

Italy supports industrial automation through the most advanced pneumatic technologies. The catalogue products range is really wide and it stretches between different categories.

The cornerstones on which the company is founded are mainly three: technological development, constantly updating on new trends in order to propose cutting-edge solutions, the production and supply, thanks to the reduced timing of delivery guaranteed by the efficient production system, and commercial strength, supported by a solid communication network.

SMC Italy also provides mechanical, pneumatics and oleo-dynamics supplies equipment.


Actuators and electric actuators

Directional control valves

Airline equipment

Fittings and tubing

Vacuum products and high vacuum products

Fluid control equipment

Sensors and switches

Static control and temperature control

Clean room products

ATEX products

Focus On


The auto drain valve represents a great solution to guarantee a longer life to the device and a higher resistance to foreign matter thanks to no sliding parts. The reduction of operating frequency is due to increased condensate discharge. The drain discharges up to 100cm3/cycle (3 times compared with the current model). Moreover, the resin bowl guard has reduced the weight by 22 %. Also the space request for maintenance has been reduced in order to permit a more compact installation.


This solution integrates SMC's most compact cylinder, JCQ Series, with a linear guide thus creating a much more precise compact cylinder with unique possibilities: MXZ Series. In this way it is possible to perform accurate movements in small spaces. Model MXZ allows to position, move and clamp lightweight workpieces such as electronic boards. The assembly is directed through hole discoidal and the attachment position is selectable.


AS-R series has been designed so that the return stroke could have a set load: if you set a value of the return pressure of the stem, the valves provide up to 30% reduction in air consumption. Both the valves controll the speed of the cylinders, thus ensuring a faster discharge of pressure. With these valves it is possible to reduce the return pressure of the piston, operate the cylinder easily and maintain high productivity.