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Checker (CGXGCHE)

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Cognex - Checker 4G7 Vision Sensor - C4G7-24G-E00
Checker 4G7 Vision Sensor. Configurable as Presence Measurement or Position Sensor Ethernet Connectivity PLC Protocols - Ethernet/IP and Profinet FTP runtime images 752X480 Resolution Up to 32...
(Code: CGX C4G7-24G-E00) Only to order
Cognex - Checker4G7X Vision Sensor - C4G7-24X-E00
Checker 4G7X Vision Sensor Checker PC software v3.2 Presence Measurement and Position Inspections - (no restriction to a single inspection type) Ethernet Connectivity PLC Protocols - Ether...
(Code: CGX C4G7-24X-E00) Only to order
Cognex - Checker 4G7S Vision Sensor - C4G7-24S-E00
• No internal trigger capability • No ladder logic • Maximum number of inspection sensors- 4 • Maximum frame rate 30MHz • No industrial protocols • No ftp of images Checker 4G7S Vision Sensor Pr...
(Code: CGX C4G7-24S-E00) Only to order
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